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This is a selection of clips in techniques ranging between CGI, 2D and Stop-motion that has been animated by Olov Burman over the past 10+ years.

Hatke, Krushmob
Goodbye Kansas, Dragonage Inquisition (motioncapture + animation)
Mindbender / Cartoon Network, The Pirate
Mindbender / Blue Hive, Ford Natal
Goodbye Kansas, Museum of Qatar
Mindbender, Rubberboy
Mindbender/King, Scrubby Dubby Saga
Th1ng, Freederm
Mindbender / Cartoon Network, It´s Magic
Personal Project, Push The Button (2D Animation)
Dockhus / Mindbender, Gifts for Greta (Stop Motion)
Technoimage / Mindbender, Gillette / UFC- UFCC
Leon Studio, Jose Jose Cuervo – The Blacksmith
Disney, Mindbender, Animation Test
Bacon X / Mindbender, Kaergaarden
Mindbender / Cartoon Network, Push the Button
Mindbender, Football vs Rabbit
Technoimage / Mindbender, Pia Lac
Milford, Vodafone
Goodbye Kansas, Lendo
Mindbender / Cartoon Network, Evolution
Bobfilm Sweden, Melvin
Tendril, Petro Canada. World of More