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The Pirate is part of a series of air identities we developed and produced for Cartoon Network.
The series proudly received 9 Promax Awards, including: ‘Best use of Humor’, ‘Best Animation’ and ‘Best Art Direction’.

Director: Olov Burman
Shading and Rendering: Michael Bengtsson, Hervé Steff
Animators: Calle Halldin, Olov Burman Modeling: Hervé Steff, Michael Bengtsson, Olov Burman, Marcus Ottosson
Rigging: Calle Halldin
Post Production: Michael Bengtsson
Music: Joel Eriksson
Voice Acting: Pär Nymark
Sound Effects: Ljudlabbet (Daniel Saxlid) Cloth and Hair Simulation: Marcus Ottosson Closepup
Explosion: Matt Radford
Water Simulation: Brian Looney Renderfarm: Rendernet (Henrik Norin) Modelmaking: Chris Schifferns Technical Support: Kustaa Vuori Programmer: Mihnea Balta 3D Scanning: Paulo Kiefe (Creative Tools) Cartoon Network Representatives: Raf Gasak (Creative Director, Turner Broadcasting Europe), Lola Gamester (Project Assistant)
Rendered with Maxwell